I’m Tom Crepeau.

Currently, my phone number, a land line, is 703-451-7470  That means if you text it, that text will never arrive.  Do I have a cell phone?  Yes, of course I do.  Can you have the phone number for it?  No.

I live with my wife Laura at

9153 Broken Oak Place

Burke, Virginia 22015-3566

My ordinary email, at the moment, is TomCrepeau3@aol.com.

Yes, that means there were two or three other attempts who tried to set up Tom Crepeau e-mail accounts. Yes, there are other Crepeaus. I am not Tom Crepeau the third! My father was named Larry.

Dad served in the US Air Force as an officer until the mid-1970’s. When we were assigned to bases in the US and in Europe, there was almost always another Crepeau on base, and it wasn’t unusual for them to get our mail, and us to receive theirs.

I had an older brother named Dick (Richard) and I am blessed with a tremendously creative sister named Ingrid. She makes dinosaur puppets. One of her puppets, an Eagle, is in the Smithsonian. When dad was stationed in Europe, she began to learn to be a puppetier, and made a career out of it. She usually stays off social media because she’s busy designing more puppets.. Her partner is Michele Valery. Hi, Michele!

I’m named after someone I barely knew, Tommy Thompson. He didn’t play a big part in my life, not even when I was growing up. But he played a big part in my Dad’s life!